Monday, 22 April 2013

And finally in this bulletin Cadiz has lost the oldest tree in the city, taken down by  recent winds, the Drago or Dragon tree, was a symbol of the city and could be found in the “Callejón del Tinte” but at a quarter to seven last night it came down, crashing down the tree is more than 250 years old and in some researches think that is closer to 300 and it reaches 12 meters in high. The loss of the tree has opened a debate about the protection of heritage in the city the Junta de Andalucia considers the tree can be replanted and recovered territorial delegate for culture in the Junta Cristina Salcedo said the best condition of land must be found along with the right humidity and sunshine. She called  for the cooperation of the city Hall and the decision whether they were able to replant it and the city hall said that it would be forth coming. Responding to early criticism she said that the tree has not fallen from any lack of protection by the Junta but by the weather conditions which were difficult.
And on the Canary Islands they claim their Drago tree is a thousand years old that’s it for now I’ll be back at three. –Thank you Howard . A thousand years old!, Wow!, -Yes..there is a video of it on you tube a video of a tree. –A video of a tree?...( TO BE CONTINUED)

Monday, 1 April 2013

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Today’s place of the Day is “Estepona” a town on the “Costa del Sol” with its district covering an area of 137 square kilometers.It covers a fertile valley crossed by small streams and  a mountainous areas dominated by “The Sierra Bermeja”, which reaches one thousand four hundred and forty-nine meters at the peak of “Los Reales”. Estepona is also renowned for its beaches, which stretch along some twenty one kilometers of coastline and it is a popular resort and holiday destination. Estepona Port and Marina is a working fishing port all with?/offering? restaurants and bars. The port features daily auctions for a wide variety of seafood. Selwo Safari Park is based on the African safari park and houses 2000 animals in semi-wild conditions and its about 20 minutes drive away from Estepona Port. Estepona was also earmarked in the early nineteen nineties as the original site chosen by the World Disney Organization for their Euro-Disney project ahead of Paris, (France) who were later awarded the installation. Today’s place of the day: “Estepona”