Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Example of mini talk show and slogans

SLOGAN : An Education= A life

Developing countries lack of primary education because neither parents can afford it nor those poor countries’ governments help or don’t offer easy payment terms to those parents to buy basic materials such as notebooks, pens and textbooks.

There is a project to be carried out by all the world leaders by 2015 in which all those poor countries will be provided with basic primary education.
We should point out that the amount of children that lacks primary education arises to 113 million. Another piece of important information is that maternal and infant mortality is directly related to that lack of education, because it has been proved that those women who have a basic primary education find it easier to live longer.

In conclusion we can state that a lack of basic education is a serious problem that has to be solved from now and on our long way towards 2015.